Summer Walker - Smartwater

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Summer Walker - Smartwater video was published by EscapeTracks on October 19, 2018 and has reached 1,197,588 views in one year. Watch Summer Walker - Smartwater youtube video without ads and Summer Walker - Smartwater mp4 download 1080p, 720p also Summer Walker - Smartwater mp3 download 320kbps.

Summer Walker - Smartwater
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Summer Walker - Smartwater lyrics ⬇️
[Verse 1]
Uh, let's start off with something light
You bringin' the candle light
That I put inside sometime
Tell me what you say 'cause you know I got it baby
I wanna call you, I wanna leave it up
You feel the same, so I know that you [?]
I need some [?] baby I get on my way, ay

Wake, wake, wakin' me
Weight, weight, puttin' me down
Babe, babe you know how I like it
I can take me down
Wake, wake, wakin' me
Weight, weight, puttin' me down
Wait, wait, how I can show you something you gon' need, yeah
You know, 'cause you know I know it

[Verse 2]
Typically not the girl out your league
I know that I'm not just like them other girls
But I can lead you to something [?]
Something stable if you trust me, [?] (yeah, yeah)
I'ma callin' you out to see
[?] ain't you
I know what this means to you
And it's feeling right but I-
Still needed a reason why
I waited so long with you
Tell me don't fight it [?], oh baby

You always calling 'bout something
You always wanted my way
I gotta catch you on something
You got [?]
I wanna talk about something
I wanna get out my way
I need you here [?] something
I need you here by the night, night
Yeah, but you got it, but you got it
[?] what's my name, [?] what's my name

'Cause you hit me with the late night text


Summer Walker - Smartwater

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